Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lulu is three months old.

Hello, Beautiful!

Does anyone else feel like their life is on fast forward?  How did this girl get to be three months old already?!

Since we switched to bi-monthly doctor visits, your three month stats are courtesy of Dr. Dad and Nurse Mom:
Length:  24 inches (50-75th percentile)
Weight:  15.5 pounds (95th percentile)
(both approximations)
So lets talk, Lulu:

Right now you love your wiggle worm mat, Katy Perry, and mirrors.  
You tolerate tummy time in 7 minute intervals.

You've been sleeping phenomenally for weeks - only up once a night for a quick snack! 

It took some time, but you're now accepting the bottle while at Grandpa Daycare!

You and Daddy are best buds.

You are verrry talkative (just like your momma bear):

You are the sweetest, happiest, and most beautiful baby that your Daddy and I have ever seen. We love you more than you'll ever know.  I have so many hopes and dreams for you.  Mostly, I hope that you will always love us as much as you do now.  Because we love you to the moon and back, Goosey Girl!  And we always will.


  1. what a fantastic post!!! Your little goosey is gorgeous!!!


  2. oh and can I add this ....... when you see your man with your baby, doesnt he become extra sexy!!! I know when I see my man with my son,,,, My heart does flip flops for him.... there is nothing more sexy than a man and his baby..... ha ha....

  3. Awwww... she's adorable! Now you've gone and made me all clucky!