Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Confessions of a Pumping Mother: Week 3

Confession #6:  Mrs. Right produces a lot less than Mrs. Left.  I'd venture to say about half as much...  I'm actually a little embarrassed for her.

Confession #7:  (completely unrelated to breastfeeding) I actually prefer my Infantino carrier to the Moby wrap.  Gasp!

Confession #8:  It finally happened...twice actually...someone was in my makeshift mothers room when I needed to pump. I ended up in an empty cubicle on the unoccupied portion of our floor....verrrry awkward, to say the least.

Maybe confession #5 jinxed me.....


  1. My boobs are the total opposite. I call my left one "leaky lefty" because I think it leaks more than I pump :p

  2. Really?! I've been checking out the infantino! I want an ergo, but they. Are. So. Expensive.

  3. Awkward!! Did they have any idea what you were there for? Lol

  4. we bought the infantino on saturday!! as soon as we got home, we tested it on barack HAHAHA. he didn't like it so much. LOL

  5. LOL @ Val and Dianna!

    @Jenn - The Infantino is verrry easy to use! I love it. I didn't realize how much work the Moby is until we bought it.

    @Sommer - I don't think she knew, but OMG I was pissed! hahaha