Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Breastfeeding during Pregnancy

My breastfeeding goal has always been between 12-18 months; after the first 12 months I would wean Lucy at her own pace, and hopefully be "done" by 18 months.  But sadly, I won't be meeting that goal.  I posted about my supply issues back in December, thinking it was related to my lazy pump habits, but the real culprit turned out to be a total surprise; and Lucy had her first taste of formula just a few days before her 10 month birthday.  I have mixed emotions about this: 

I am thankful to have something like formula available.

I'm quite peeved about the cost.  (How on earth do formula families pay these prices for a whole year???)       

I'm a little self conscious.  I used to feel so proud about never having to buy formula or disposable diapers...and now I've lost all breastfeeding credibility.

I'm relieved.  I.hate.pumping.  I hate it!  It's tedious, it's time consuming, and it's occasionally uncomfortable.  Can.not wait for the day when I get to break up with my pump.  No more schlepping that giant bag to work; no more time spent pumping (1-1.5 hours each day!); no more stressing about supply fluctuation!

I'm grossed out.  Formula smells.  Like, legitimately stinks...  (Maybe it's just my heightened sense of smell?)      

There's no set date for our breastfeeding journey to end, it could be a few more days or a few more weeks.  Right now I'm only nursing Lucy before bed, and pumping very infrequently the rest of the time; her bottles are about 50-75% formula.  I've been experiencing some pain when nursing/pumping, which I hear only gets worse!  And I can no longer feel my milk let down, due to my very low supply and pregnancy hormones.  On the upside, though, breastfeeding seems to have inhibited morning sickness entirely.  Yeehaw!  Eventually my milk will dry up completely, as my body begins producing colostrum for the new baby.  Will be sure to keep everyone updated as we make this transition.  If anyone is interested in more information, I recommend, as always, KellyMom: Nursing during Pregnancy.

Lucy isn't too broken up about it, she has cooler things to eat...  Like macaroni, beets, and POPSICLES.


  1. Formula really does smell! I used the little ready to feed similac bottles for a flight once and I almost gagged at the smell! I supplemented a bit just before Raedyn turned one and found that the Target brand didn't smell that bad and it's way cheaper than the big brands. Good luck Mama!

    1. Growing Baby SheltonJanuary 31, 2012 at 10:05 PM

      Thanks for the rec, Kim! So glad to know I'm not just being weird, lol. Will have to check out the Target brand. So far I've used Enfamil and the Costco brand.

  2. Have I told you lately how proud I am of you? I realize that sounds like I'm your parent saying that...but I hope you understand, I don't mean it that way. I mean, I'm proud of your ability to go with the flow, take it all in stride, see the brighter side of things etc. We're so much alike, Tay...so I know how much you've struggled to get to this point. You're amazing.
    And because I don't want the only purpose of this comment to be some strange cyber-love letter....
    I totally can't wait until weaning time for the end of pumping time. For serious. Pumping is the bane of my existence. I love breastfeeding, and I'm so thankful I have had luck with it and that pumps exist...but man, that day will be a good one.

    1. Growing Baby SheltonJanuary 31, 2012 at 10:10 PM

      My darling, you know how much I *love* cyber-love letters! You just made my night. Thank you very much for saying such sweet things, and for noticing at all! (I'm glad someone is.) We have both put up with loads of breastfeeding struggles, so the day it ends will be good and bad; but we will have loads of great memories to look back on! Love you!

  3. Formula does smell- and the premixed stuff is the WORST! Soy smells pretty bad too! We do Costco formula, but I've also heard good things about Target and Sams Club.

    Second, I full heartily agree with Jaye- you're ability to go with the flow and make the decisions you need to make for your family is flawless my dear. Seriously nothing but Poise and Grace from you mama!

    1. Growing Baby SheltonFebruary 1, 2012 at 7:57 AM

      Aww thanks, hunny! Very sweet of you to say!!! *hugs*

  4. We have to supplement since I went back to work, and I found that Gerber smells the least and its also not all nasty foamy and tan tinted like Similac. It looks just like breastmilk to me. I also hear you about the pump...I hate pumping!