Wednesday, January 18, 2012

10 Months

Dang girl, dang!  Double-digits!!! 

10 Months

Just look at that picture.  Look how fun you are, Lu!  It's impossible to be sad about you getting older when you're this happy and this much fun.

At 10 Months:

You babble constantly, and your favorite word is Dada.  Everything is Dada.  (Me, the fridge, your teething biscuits, the dogs, everything.)

You've started shrieking.  Like a lot.  Not sure if you're already starting to have tantrums, or if you're just finding your voice.

You wave and clap.  So cute! 

You don't really crawl.  You do a lot of rolling and army crawling. 

You love to cruise along the furniture and walk all over the place with someone holding your hands.  You are constantly moving.

You started going to daycare a couple days each week.  (And you're already sick!)

You have made huge strides with your separation anxiety!  You've become so independent.  You'll play by yourself, and even let me leave for work in the mornings!!!

The Barney Book is your favorite!

You are still a little unsure of strangers, though.

You were introduced to the following foods this month:  pork roast, chicken breast, turkey breast, eggs, couscous, cucumber, plain yogurt and Yogurt Melts, cheese (LOVE), peach, pita, pancake, avocado, Puffs, and Baby Mum Mum (thanks, Beck!).

Mmm cheese

You're going through this thing where you refuse to be spoon-fed and will only eat finger foods.

You recently developed a phobia of bathtime.

You are sleeping through the night, 6 pm - 5 am.

You have 3 teeth.

You weigh 22 pounds (90th percentile).  You actually lost a little weight this month!

You are 29.5 inches (90th percentile).

You are wearing size 12 month clothing and size Large diapers.

You celebrated your first Christmas.

You are no longer exclusively breastfed.  ::sad face::  I need to write a post all about this.  You had your first taste of formula over the weekend, and hated it.  Fortunately, you've become more tolerant since then.  Right now you get about 4 ounces each day, mixed with breast milk, but I'm sure the ratios will continue to change as my supply crashes and burns

We love you, Babes.  I don't know how we got so lucky as parents, because we really don't deserve you.  Better go start planning your birthday party, huh?  ::sobs::


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  1. Such a big girl! She's SO ADORABLE Tay- seriously and so happy! So glad she's enjoying school!!