Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lulu's Christmas

We had an interesting holiday weekend, lots of ups and downs, but overall I would say Christmas was a success.  I didn't get everything done and the house is still a mess; much to my surprise, though, I do not care.

Christmas is exponentially better now that Lulu is here; I can't wait for all the years to come!

Christmas Eve was spent with my in-laws.  Lulu stayed up waaay past her bedtime (and managed to stay the happy girl we all know and love).  She had the best time playing with her big cousin, Corbin:

And meeting her newest cousin, Kileah:

Admittedly, not the best picture, but the best we could manage! 

Christmas Morning was just the three of us, crammed around the tree in our teeny little living room.  Lulu had a ball unwrapping tearing through all of her presents, and we had just as much fun watching her.

It's not Christmas without some leopard print jammies
Ahhhh what the eff is on my head???

We eventually made it over to my parents' house later that morning for more presents and some ah-mazing food.

Anyone else notice a recurring theme?  Everything goes straight to the mouth!

Our Goosey Girl was thoroughly spoiled this Christmas, and it was  I hope everyone had an equally wonderful holiday.

Now...who's ready for an epic NYE???

THIS girl.

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  1. LOVE the leopard print pjs! Glad Lucy had a great first Christmas!