Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My brief love affair with Kale

I have seen Kale used on Food Network countless times.  I also read about it here on my darling Jaye Fay's blog.  And most recently, I saw it on Pinterest (Which reminds me, are you following my boards?  Because you should be.  There is a whole lotta deliciousness pinned up in there.)

I took it as a sign.  Kale kept popping up all over the place, there had to be a reason for it.  It was as if the universe was saying, "Taylor, you HAVE to try Kale.  It's time."  So I did, in the form of Kale Chips.  I used this recipe and was very happy with the result.  As soon as the first batch was out of the oven I began sampling.  I kept eating and eating (straight off the cookie sheet, mind you) until finally they were all gone.  Casey may or may not have snuck a chip or two...

You read that right:  I ate an entire bunch of Kale - but not without consequence...  Lucy was up all night with the most awful gas pains.  I immediately knew why and felt horribley guilty.  Apparently dark, leafy greens are known to cause gas, especially when consumed in large quantities.  Oops!  Will be adding Kale to the list of foods (and drinks) to binge on post-breastfeeding. 

My dear, dear GBS Readers, please try some Kale Chips.  I assure you they will not disappoint.  Also, my Your Lines interview was featured on Tiny Blue Lines yesterday, be sure to stop by and check it out!


  1. LOL this is sooo true! Which is why I'm thankful The Hubs loves kale too. He keeps me from eating the whole bunch all by myself!

  2. I am a kale fan! One of my favorite ways is to eat it raw with apple, ginger, shredded carrots, apple cider vinegar and oil. Leland also likes to suck on kale- he is a fan of his greens.

  3. Love me some kale chips! Hate gas babies more. Sorry Lucy!