Friday, November 4, 2011

The girl that wouldn't poop.

Prune juice, suppositories and enemas, oh my!

7 8 days.  That's the current record between Lulu's BMs.  (tmi?)  This girl has got some serious poop issues...  And it is heartbreaking.

Pretty much since we started solid food we've had this problem.  Everything was going just fine while we utilized the 4 day wait rule, but all hell broke loose when we started including more than one food at each meal.  So then I tried giving her only oatmeal for 9 days; I thought, "Hey, it's bland, it's fiber, she loves it and has been eating it without any problems."  Makes sense, right?  Wrong.

I've gone back and forth with our pediatrician a million times.  They've been less than helpful...  Over the past two weeks this kid has pooped 3 times.

We've tried:

Tummy Massage
Bicycling her legs
Warm Baths
Prune Juice
Q-tip and Vaseline

...the next step is an enema, and I do NOT want it to come to that.  

Last night I had a dream that she finally pooped...  I'm dreaming about poop.  WHAT.THE.EFF.


  1. Have you tried some diluted apple juice?

    Maybe take a few days off solids, since BM is a natural laxative? Not sure if that would help, just a curious thought :)

  2. Ugh, we have been having this problem too.
    So my solution was to stop purees and just stick with BLW and him feeding himself. And it has helped thus far.
    Hopefully you figure out something to help!

  3. @Jaye, we'll give the apple juice a try this morning. Thanks for the suggestion! I've been so reluctant to try juice because of all the sugar... Since we'll be OOT next week, she won't have any solids at all. Hoping that helps!

    @Mestills, I may try the BLW and letting her feed herself...mayber we've been overfeeding her? My poor girl...

    Thanks for the advice, ladies! *hugs*

  4. In the "old days" we'd use diluted apple juice, just dilute a wee bit. If that didn't do the trick, a little Karo dark corn syrup in water (about 2 ounces to 2 ounces) probably would.

    I know they both go against the grain in today's thinking but it's much like giving your baby meds. You don't do it to do it, but when needed.

    Which brings us to the question, is Lucy uncomfortable and unhappy? It's not unusual to have 4/5 days between "poops" at this stage of her eating cycle, and if she's gone three times in the past 14 days, you could be seeing a new regularity for her. If she's not showing signs of hurting.

    Good luck.

  5. my daughter has the same problem!
    we tried all of the things you listed... didn't do a thing, not even a suppositroy!!

    what do you mix her cereal with? my friend suggested mixing it with applejuice worked well for her, unfortunately not for us. My daughter hated the sour taste!

    my doctor had us give her milk of mag (over the counter) 1 tablespoon twice a day for 2 days. she then put her on miralax, but i was able to wean her off of that once we started veggies she poops daily and if she hasn't pooped i give her some veggies and it does the trick!

    Hope that helps!

    p.s. i would stay away from karo d/t some sources relate it with botulism (just from my pedi)

  6. @Cindy - She hasn't been unhappy or uncomfortable, she's been in genuinely good spirits this whole week. I am happy to report she *finally* pooped this evening!!! My Mom tried giving her some apple juice this morning but she hated it; and she absolutely despises the prune juice. I will certainly keep the Karo Syrup in mind for the next time this happens.

    Thank you for all the support and advice, ladies! :-)

  7. we had this problem with our daughter...i guess it is just a matter of getting through it (She seems to have grown out of the problem. Please be careful with apple juice though..apparently apple juice have very high content of arsenic and can be very harmful.