Thursday, November 17, 2011

Grandma Taylor

I dress like a Grandma.  Per Auntie Fal, anyway. 

And as much as it pains me to say it, I’m inclined to agree.  I used to try to defend myself by saying, “These are just my work clothes!  I have to dress like this.”  But she’s quick to point out that there is such a thing as youthful business cas.  

Maybe she has a point?  Tights, baggy slacks, sweaters two sizes too big and flats aren't exactly a Victoria Secret Model's wardrobe. 

Most days I don’t even brush my hair; I throw it in a pony tail or knot.  I haven’t worn make up in months (almost 8, to be exact).  There are days when I feel very, verrrry frumpy.  Days when I’m too embarrassed to pick up take out, because I don’t want to see someone I know.  I almost always laugh when Casey tells me I look pretty or (gulp!) sexy.  In my mind I’m thinking, “Seriously?!!”

At least I still shave my legs, right?  
Anyone else fallen into a similar pattern?   


  1. lol me too.

    At least, for me, I hardly shave my legs. Eeeeep!

  2. I have been feeling like this too. The biggest issue is I would like to add a few new pieces to my wardrobe, but that requires spending money...

  3. Haha. Every day. In the fight between sleep and beauty, sleep always wins.