Monday, November 21, 2011

A Bloody Nose and "Mama"

Motherhood isn't for the weak, and I mean that quite literally.

Before Lucy was born, I mentally prepared myself for the exhaustion and stress that come with being a mom, but not the bruises and scratches, or a bloody nose!   Lulu literally beats the Hell out of me.  She kicks me, slaps me and claws me on the daily.  My legs and arms are covered in tiny bruises and scratches (and yes, I clip her nails).

Well last night, while I was trying to put Lulu back down for the fifth or sixth time, she was being extra playful.  This girl was in no mood for sleep.  She was grabbing pillows, gnawing on my nursing pads, rolling all around, younameit.  At one point she started playing with my face: yanking my lips, poking my eyes, and sticking her fingers in my nose.  It was unpleasant, and mildly disgusting, but hilarious nonetheless; until I felt warm blood running out of my nose.  (EW!)  As I ran to the bathroom to jam some toilet paper into my nose, Lulu started yelling, "Mamadada" over and over again.  Winning!

My Little Bruiser

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