Saturday, November 19, 2011

8 Months (yesterday)

In the days leading up to the next monthday, I always think, "Ohmygosh, 7 months seems SO old, you're hardly a baby anymore, Lulu!"  And then by the time the next monthday rolls up, I'm thinking, "7 months isn't that old, 8 months is OLD!"

And not to sound like the most repetitive person evaaaa, BUT, time is flying!  How have you been here for 8 months already?!  Granted I can't remember life without you, but I dread the day you're no longer my little baby that loves to be held and cuddled.

As always, you are the happiest girl in the world and everyone loves, Daddy, your Grandparents, your Aunties and Uncles, everyone that's ever met you!   

At 8 Months:

You're talking.  You're up to four words, and you jabber on constantly.

You'll wiggle, scoot and army crawl, but you don't crawl with your belly off the ground.

You stand unassisted while holding onto something and pull yourself to standing every chance you get.

You've started reaching for the people that you want; and you will not tolerate being held by anyone other than me, for at least ten minutes, when I get home from work.  

You have two teeth.  They both popped up unexpectedly last Thursday, while we were in Hawaii!  Also, you've started biting me and I don't like it. 

(And they are exceptionally hard to photograph.)

You've been battling constipation for weeks now, but we seem to have gotten it under control. 

You were a darling little Lady Bug for your first Halloween.

You've undergone a rather significant change at Grampy Daycare, the resolution to which is still in the works. 

You love mirrors, paper, and plastic.

Your fear of strangers has eased somewhat, but your separation anxiety has blown up.  ::sad face::

You're still an excellent breastfeeder!  

You're still not sleeping through the night, and I've given up hope that you will do so before you're 2.  This has posed a minor inconvenience for our Black Friday plans. 

You're also still bed-sharing.  We originally thought you'd transition to the crib around this time, but we've decided you'll most likely stay in our bed until you're ready for a toddler bed.  Am seriously considering buying a king-size mattress. 

You weigh 22-23 pounds and are around 28 inches long, give or take a half inch. 

You're wearing size large diapers (equivalent to size 3 and 4 in disposables) and 12 month clothing. 

Your schedule hasn't changed much from the past two months

Oh!  And your hair is starting to get super thick!!!  I actually have to use two squirts of baby shampoo now.  Cannot wait to be able to use legit hair accessories.  

You are silly, you are sweet, you are the greatest gift two people could ask for.  We love you more than anything, Lulu!

Hawaii 2011


  1. When she "talks" does she actually know what it means? Cause my kid spouts off mama, dada baba, nana,etc. all day long, but I've never counted it as talking and tend to give the side eye to people who say their kid talks so young. My pedi agrees.

  2. No, of course not, but I'm counting it! Side eye away, girlfriend!!! ;-)