Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Confessions: Week 18-20

Confession #35:  Without fail, every time I've had to wash my pump parts in the office, a male co-worker has inevitably walked by and struck up a conversation.

Confession #36:  For weeks I have been storing my breastshields in the refrigerator between pumping sessions; and for weeks I have been looking for an opportunity to use the phrase, I'll take two frosty cold breastshields please.

Confession #37:  On top of all the other shit I've forgotten, today I forgot to pack bottles.   Will be pumping into breastmilk storage bags that I keep in my desk for emergencies...

Have you missed my confessions?  Just think, one day very soon, when I'm a SAHM, I won't have anything left to confess!!

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