Monday, November 7, 2011

(Guest Blogger: Meghan) Meet Toddler Ryan

As promised, this week we've got some of the best Mommy Bloggers on the blog block guest posting in my absence.  You might remember today's Guest Blogger, Meg, from her last visit in July, when she reminded us of the importance of a little healthy competition.  Read on to hear all about how her sweet baby boy isn't really a baby anymore, and be sure to stop by her blog, Phase Three of Life, to show her some love!


Once upon a time, I was mother to a sweet, laid back, happy-go-lucky little baby.

And then my toddler ate him.

I am discovering that Toddler Ryan is much more opinionated than Infant Ryan was. When Toddler Ryan wants something, he really wants something.

There's no such thing as "Gee, I could go for a splash of milk sometime soon." Rather, it's "DEAR GOD I Need A Gallon Of Milk Right Effing Now!”

It's not "Hm, I wonder what's going on in the kitchen..." Instead, it's "HOLY CRAP, I'm Missing All The Fun In The Kitchen And I Have To Get There Immediately And DO NOT Get In My Way, Lady!”

You have exactly three seconds to remove me from these pumpkins before I

I try to reason with him. I explain the safety factors behind my suggestion that he play in the living room or the play room rather than six inches away from where Dad is cooking. I remind him that just because he can't have milk right this second doesn't mean he'll never have milk again.

Of course, my explanations are drowned out by the wild banshee noises coming out of him, the likes of which quicken the step of all who pass by the front of our house.

What's a little intimidating is the knowledge that Toddler Ryan is here to stay for a while. Really, we're just getting started. I expect that in another year or two, Toddler Ryan will give way to Total Raving Lunatic Ryan. Luckily for him, when he’s not yelling at us, he’s pretty cute, so we'll probably keep him.


  1. What a perfect description of our day to day lives! Our one year old has dozens of toys, yet mommy's cup and the dishwasher trump them all. And God help us when we won't allow him to play in the dishwasher...

  2. I am totally where you are and I agree with the thought that this is just the beginning - Oh Boy. Glad to know we aren't the only ones going through this, and as always - love the pictures! :)

  3. Thanks, ladies! At least we're not alone!

  4. Don't worry because speaking toddler gives way to speaking teenager
    If it is any consolation, on my great authority, the odd years are wayyyy better with boys, especially after 9. Perhaps you can make a paper circle ring, I've considered it often...he is quite adorable :)