Friday, July 27, 2012

Viral Chest Infection

Well, crap.  I guess it's my fault for bragging about your good health in the last few monthly birthday posts...because now you (and the rest of daycare) have come down with a nasty bug.  (And passed it on to mom and dad!) 

You have this gross, wet cough that keeps you from falling asleep; your nose is full of junk; and, you're downright whiny and uncomfy most of the time.   

We finally decided to visit the pediatrician yesterday, because we worried it was Whooping Cough or Strep; but, much to our surprise, the doctor said your chest was clear and recommended plain ol' Robitussin.  (It's still strange to me to give you over-the-counter meds.)  Fortunately, the dosage is small, and it's brought you some relief.  Hopefully it'll blow over soon, because we're ready for the next healthy streak.

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