Wednesday, July 18, 2012

16 Months

Another month, Lu.  I don't know how to feel about it.  There's a possibility (PLEASE GOD) that you'll become a big sister within the next month...  Part of me wants the month to fly by so that I can no longer be hugely, uncomfortably pregnant finally stay home with you.  But the other part of me wants to freeze time so that I can savor our little family of three.
At 16 months you are:

Communicating very effectively.  You answer yes or no questions (Are you pooping?  Do you want to go to sleep?  Do you want a cookie?); your vocabulary now includes shoe (chu), poop (poooo), and stop it (dopit); and your facial expressions are extremely direct (just watch the first 3 seconds).  
Pursing your lips to say, "chuuu"
Moving too fast, and climbing on everything.  You have no fear.  You never look where you are walking, so you're constantly tripping.

Hiding in closets and behind furniture, and it's usually so you can poop in privacy.  (Is that a sign to start potty training???)
Closing the door behind yourself.
Very helpful.  You throw away your nighttime diaper (since it's a disposable), empty the silverware caddy, and hand us laundry to fold.

Eating less these days, and, as a result, you're slightly less messy.  (My extremely delayed attempt at a splat mat is a little ironic...)
Using a fork, in addition to a spoon, at meals.  You love to stab food.

Signing All done after meals and bathtime.  It is much appreciated!

Destroying the kitchen on the daily.  You move the bar stools, turn the lights on and off (while I'm cooking), drag measuring cups and whisks across the appliances, and tear through the ONE kitchen drawer we were unable to baby proof.
Crafty.  You've covered the fridge in art projects.

Really into music.  You sing "Ah, ah, ah, ah" to the Lemon Drops and Gumdrops song on Barney and Friends.  You are a Jack Johnson fan, and dance as soon as the music starts.  And Grammy is proud to say that she has been "working on musical scale" with you and you recently started singing do, re, mi while playing the piano.

Cursed with Momma's stinky feet.

Very much a Pisces.  You cannot get enough water, be it at the pool or sink.  If you hear water running, you dart over to the sink and say, "Up, up!"
A big sweetheart when you want to be.   You give so many hugs and kisses, and you blow kisses to everyone when you say Bye Bye.  You even blow raspberries on my belly.
Also a bully when you want to beYou bite, pinch and smack  (One kid actually had the nerve to bite you back on Monday!)  We recently started using 1-2-3 Magic and time-out to curb those behaviors.

Attending daycare Monday through Thursday, and stay home with Grammy or Auntie on Fridays.  Soon you'll be home with Momma, though!!!

Still needing two naps most days.

Sleeping from 7:15 pm - 6:30 am.

Toothy, with 10 teeth, including two molars.

(Approximately) 25 pounds and ... inches (hoping to update later). Wearing 18-24 month clothing, size 2 diaper covers and one size pocket diapers during the day, and size 4 disposables at night.

Healthy!  Though we seem to be having trouble identifying a food allergy...

You are so fun, Lulu.  Just the other night, Daddy said, She is the funniest girl I know (as you so delicately relocated all of your sweet potato from one end of your highchair tray to the other).  I know this is annoyingly repetitive, BUT, it is undeniably true that you have become more and more fun with each month.  We love you mucho.


  1. So big! She is getting prettier and prettier!

    Our girls have so much in common - Ariadne LOVES the lemondrops and gumdrops song (and I sing it over and over and over so that she can attempt the ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah) AND she is obsessed with blowing raspberries on my belly. Hilarious.

  2. Soooo cute.. and personality plus! You look great, Taylor. You may feel miserable, but you look great.