Saturday, July 28, 2012

36 Weeks

How far along?  36w1d.

How big is baby?  Honeydew!  Had a growth ultrasound on Thursday, and HOLY COW this kid is huge.  Park weighed approximately 6 pounds 14 ounces, which puts him in the 86th percentile.  (Apparently the size of his head is really driving those numbers - already measuring 40 weeks!)  Breathing, circulation, and immune systems should be up and running.

Physical differences from last week?  I weighed 139.6 pounds this morning; which is a 1.6 pound gain from last week, and an overall gain of 30 pounds.  No new stretch marks and the belly button is out.  (Really looking forward to having an innie again.)  And I officially hate clothes.  I'm still cramming myself into regular pants and shorts, but they're starting to get uncomfortable now that Parker is getting lower; and all of my shirts are too short.  Seriously, there's no containing this belly.    

How I'm feeling?  Kind of like there is a knife wedged in my lower back.  Sleep is impossible and I literally dread going to bed each night because I cannot get comfortable.  My bladder sucks; I have to pee as soon as I stand upright.  The good news is that swelling has been minimal.  Still craving Icees and watermelon.  (We actually drove to six different gas stations in search of an Icee last Sunday...)   

What's been on my mind?  Getting this kid out.  Lulu and I were able to get out this morning and enjoy the cool(er) weather; we walked around the fountain and played at the splash pad while Daddy-O was at work.

What I'm looking forward to?  Finishing my Hypnobabies home study, and putting it to use.  I'm on class 4 of 5 and really enjoying the practice so far.

Best moment this week?  I had two awesome moments.  1)  The cashier at Sprouts told me I looked beautiful and 2)  Hearing that Parker is still head down at the growth ultrasound.  Goooooooo Park!

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