Monday, December 31, 2012

I am so over you, 2012.

I've written three different posts today in an attempt to bid farewell to 2012...  The first was a painfully long over-share, and the second was just a list of popular posts.  Here is my third and final attempt, since there are approximately 2 minutes left of 2012.


Dear 2012,

You were a challenging year.  You were by far the most stressful, emotional, and draining year that I have ever encountered; BUT I refuse to remember the bad.  And, instead...

I will remember you as the year that Parker was born.  (By VBAC!  Booyah!!)  I will remember the first time we were a family of four.  I will remember the first time Parker laughed-- when Casey was undressing him for bathtime and Parker let out the weirdest squeal.  (I actually thought he was upset at first, but soon realized that the boy has very ticklish armpits).  I will remember Parker's hysterical jumperoo dance and the sweet humming sound he makes while nursing.  And I will remember how Sissy so lovingly dubbed him Car Car.

I will remember Lulu's first birthday, first steps, and first words (bye-bye).  I will remember being utterly amazed by her crazy huge, endless vocabulary-- the girl is practically a parrot.  I will remember the first time Lucy met her little brother, as she ran across the hospital bed and dove into our arms.  I will remember all the hugs and kisses she gave (continues to give) him, and how she always says Hi, Bye, and Ny-Ny to him.  I will remember her obsession with Barney and Orphan Annie.  I will remember how much fun she had this holiday season.

I will remember this as the year my dreams came true

I will remember this as the best, most constructive, appreciative year for our marriage.

2012, you tested me.  You showed me how much I am capable of handling, and for that I am thankful.  But, 2012, I am in dire need of a break.  So I am asking, please, please for the love of God, let 2013 be a little easier.


The Momma

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