Sunday, December 2, 2012

Breakfast with Santa

Lucy wasn't feelin' it.  Parker was indifferent.

Lulu: "Wahhhhhhhh!"
Me:  "Honey, come on, it's ok.  Just look at the camera and pretend not to be miserable."

She didn't care too much for Rudolph or Frosty either.

Lulu:  "OMG, Mom, who are these creeps?  They look nothing like the cartoon."

Fortunately, there were pancakes and balloons to smooth the whole thing over.

Lulu:  "I don't really do forks, Mom.  I prefer to dive right in."

Parker slept for the majority of the event (surprise, surprise); but he was his usual, happy self when he woke up!

Maybe next year?  ::eyeroll::

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