Saturday, December 22, 2012

21 Months (photo dump)

(It's officially weird to refer to your age in months, babes.)

I think I literally said, "I love this age!" at least once everyday this month.  And Daddy probably said, "You're a goof!" just as frequently.  It could not be more true, though.  You learn a new word or dance move everyday; you are very polite (please, thank you, and bless you); you have a new obsession:  Annie (as in, Orphan Annie and Daddy Warbucks.  All thanks to Grammy, by the way); you tickle our feet, brush our hair, and mimic me when I shave my legs; you throw some pretty brutal tantrums; you have a strong distaste for all things denim.  My current favorite Lucy-isms are "Mo mo gookies" (more cookies) and "Dan-ta" (Santa).  Daddy's favorite is hands down "Ny-Ny Car Car" (Night night, Parker) and "Um-pin" (armpit).

You are more beautiful than there are words to describe, and we love you beyond measure.

Professional tree decorator...
...and un-decorator.
"Is this comfortable for you, Car Car?"
Watching Annie, of course.
"Uncle Cooooo"

Yelling "Baby!" and bursting into the nursery when Parker wakes.
Grammy (i.e.: your all-time favorite person in the world)
Those boots!  I die.
Lighting ceremony on the avenue-- our oldest tradition.
Dirty feet.  Dirty, dirty, diiiiiiiirty.
"Hi Belly." and "Bye Belly"
Daddy has been the one working with you on potty training.  You two have the cutest potty conversations.
"Ny-ny Car Car"
Re-purposing the Bumbo.
Christmas chain!  Another Russo tradition.

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