Friday, August 31, 2012

17+ Months

Welp, this is super late, like every other month, but at least I have a good excuse!  I might space out the updates after 18 months, or maybe do more of a monthly photo dump instead...tbd.

Kiddo, you are wild.  My sweet, cuddley princess is no more (seriously, can't remember the last time we cuddled); now you're my big, independent, sometimes clumsy, curious girl.  Not that I'm sad about this, just sort of dumbfounded.  Since Parker was born, I've been reminded that you too were once teeny tiny and helpless.  It is incredible to think about how much you've grown in 17 short months.

At 17+ months you are:

A big sister!!!  A loving, sweet big sister!  You have made us very proud, Peanut.  You love on your brother every chance you get. 

In the midst of a language explosion.  You tend to learn a new word, use it repeatedly for days, and then drop it for another word.  Daddy and I tried to list all the words you've used, but that was near impossible - we gave up after 20-something words.  Most commonly used words:  Daddy, Mommy, Hi, Hello, Bye and Bye Bye, Baby, Rub Rub Rub (while putting lotion and sunscreen on), Please, Up, Out, Belly, Shoes, No, Peepee, Poop, Ball, Balloon, Boom (while knocking over your blocks) and Stop.

Signing More, All done, Milk, Please, Thank you, and Baby.

Climbing.  I even caught you trying to escape from your crib.

Filling up on milk instead of finishing your meals.  (Unless, of course, it's Jell-o...)  Thank God you're no skinny thing, or I'd be more worried about this.  You also have this really obnoxious habit of turning your plate over so that the contents fall all over the table and floor.  

Potty training!  You have pooped on the potty one time.

An artist.

Very friendly.  You say hello to everyone in the grocery store. 

Still a big helper.

Home with Momma everyday!!!  Good riddance, Daycare.

Constantly in time out...  ::eye roll::  My little rebel.  When you are told not to do something, you do it over and over again until you're put in time out; and as I walk towards you to grab you, you take off running because you know what's coming.

Occasionally hysterical.  As soon as the tantrum starts, I move you to a different room and leave; you usually stop once I'm out the door and follow me in much better spirits.

No longer biting.  Now you're hitting...  UGH.

Part fish.

Very attached to Boppy and Blankie.

Still taking two naps a day.  Momma like!

Sleeping 8 pm - 7:15 am.

Awaiting the arrival of your next molar.  You currently have 10 teeth.

Approximately 27 pounds and wearing size 18-24 month clothing.

Healthy!  Just some chest congestion that lasted a few days.

You may not be our only love anymore, but you'll always be our first love.  No one can make us laugh like you can, Lu.  You are a total goof, and we love you for it.  Keep on growing, Babes, we can't wait to see what you do next.

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