Monday, August 13, 2012

"Yes, I am still pregnant."

"No, I have not had that kid yet."

"I do not know you well enough to discuss sex and it's labor-inducing qualities."

"I don't care how past due you were with your two."

It's only 8 am, and already the comments are starting.  What I would give to actually use some of these responses...  Happy Monday, folks!  (Please GOD let this baby come soon.)


  1. Oh god, I remember that so well. The constant comments at work are the WORST. The one that I heard the most and made me feel violent was "You STILL haven't had that baby?!" As though it were my choice and my desire to stay pregnant for eight years.

    Love you. Hope he comes soon, if only to shut everyone up.

    1. Exactly! If I had any say in this kid's arrival, he'd be out by now!!! I want to tape a sign to my shirt that says, "Do not talk to me!"
      Love you too. *hugs*