Sunday, January 30, 2011

32 weeks

I received my first exceptionally rude comment this week:

Idiot co-worker: "How much longer have you got to go?" 
Me:  "About 8 weeks..."
Idiot co-worker (with a horrified look on her face):  "8 weeks?!  And you're already that big!  You look like you're ready to pop!!!"

What the hell lady!  How did I go from having the world's tiniest bump to "About to Pop" status in less than a month?!?!

Baby is now the size of a: large jicama!  We've got a four pounder on our hands people, and she's still between 16-17 inches tall.  Her skeleton is rapidly ossifying (turning from cartilage into solid bone), hence the powerful kicks and jabs.  She's also gaining weight rapidly; she'll gain about half of her birth weight during the next 8 weeks.  She now has fingernails, toenails, and peach fuzz for hair (with my luck she'll take after me, and be completely bald until she's 3 years old).  Her skin is nice and soft, and continues to plump up every week. I can't wait to kiss those little cheeks!

How I'm feeling:  pretty good, all things considered.  My energy level still sucks, I'm having lots of BH contractions, and I'm seeing a spike in back pain this week.  I've had back pain from the beginning of this pregnancy, I've just always done my best to push it to the back of my mind, but its getting hard to ignore these days.  Last night we watched a movie (so I was in the same position for a couple of hours), and when I stood up, my legs buckled beneath me; Casey had to literally walk me to bed and put me in bed.  Clearly, this child is having a love affair with my sciatic nerve.

Physical differences from last week:  at this point in the pregnancy I should be gaining about a pound a week, and half of that gain is going to the baby. I haven't checked my weight in awhile...not planning on doing it anytime soon.

What's been on my mind:  I've been hoping all the kicks in the ribs are a good indicator that she's moved to the head down position.  There's no way her teeny tiny fists could pack that kind of punch this early, right? 

What I'm looking forward to:  labor.  It sounds strange; who could possibly be excited for the most painful experience of their life?  ME.  I can't wait to meet this little person in my belly.  I can't wait to see her daddy holding her and kissing her for the first time.  She is going to be absolutely perfect; she will be the greatest accomplishment in either of our lives.

Random thoughts:  My belly has a mind of its own.  They say you should feel ten movements in an hour...I'm lucky if I go even a minute without some kind of kick, jab, or pinch.  During the week we were sitting on the couch, and my belly jumped five or six times in a row.  Casey even saw!  We both just died laughing.  Its as if she's saying, "Hey guys, look at me!  I want  to play!!!"

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  1. Aw, she wants to play! She's a cutie, I can tell already. Can't wait to meet her!!!