Monday, January 17, 2011

The Big 3-0

Holy cow, I'm 30 weeks pregnant!!!  When did that happen?!  That means next week the countdown will be single-digit weeks....AHHHHHH

Baby is now the size of a:  laptop computer!  She is somewhere between 16-17 inches long and weighs almost three pounds!  We've got about a pint and a half of amniotic fluid surrounding her; which will only continue to decrease as she gets bigger.  Eyesight is still in the developmental stage; even after she's born, she'll only be able to make out objects a few inches from her face.  Our plump little pumpkin has somewhat smooth skin (yay baby fat!), and her brain is getting more wrinkled (yay surface area!).  As of this week, she is now strong enough to grasp a finger.  Awww

How I'm feeling:  big.  This is the first time I've actually felt really BIG.  And tired.  I feel big and tired.  I'm not sure if this is the return of fatigue or the after effects of painting the master bathroom.  I am moving A LOT slower than I used to, and I just feel like I have my own orbit now.  This is also the first time I really miss being skinny.  I just sort of look at my wedding pictures and 7-week bump pic and get really depressed. 

Physical differences from last week:  I weighed in on Friday, and I've gained a whooping 24 pounds.  ::insert jaw drop:: 

What's been on my mind:  knocking out our to-do lists, OF COURSE!  I've got the baby to-do list down to 14 items, and the house is getting there.  The master bath is about 95% done; other than that the back yard is the last big to do, and there are tons of little things to finish up.

What I'm looking forward to:  growth ultrasound, glucose test results (more on that below), baby shower, finished house, maternity ward tour, and our birthing class.  Oh, and, cloth diapering our child!  I ordered a stash of dipes after Bum Genius discontinued their 3.0 line, and they arrived this week.  How freakin cute are these?!

Random thoughts:  I had my glucose test on Friday, and boy that sucked!  I had to fast from midnight until 8:00, which doesn't sound horrible, but let me tell you, when you're pregnant it is.  You're not allowed food (obviously) or water.  Umm hello insatiable thirst!  I have had this incredible, unquenchable thirst from day 1; so that aspect of the fast was just torture.  At 8:00 I drank a sugary drink, which tasted a lot like orange soda, and at 9:00 they drew six vials of blood.  I did one of Casey's blood test when I left the building, and my blood sugar was 72, so I'm fairly confident that I'll pass the test; they only care about results over 130-150.

And side note:  we decided not to paint the nursery.  That room is already painted (a relatively gender neutral color), and with my lack of energy lately, I am not looking for EXTRA work.