Sunday, January 23, 2011

31 weeks

Baby is now the size of a: ....I don't know...they didn't give me a fruit or veg to compare her to this week.  She is between 16-17 inches long and weighs between 3-3.5 pounds.  At this stage, she gains weight at a faster pace than she lengthens.  Apparently we can look forward to a major growth spurt in the near future.  Heehee.  Also, with the addition of all this baby fat, she's become even more active!  She is constantly twisting, jumping, kicking, etc.  My belly literally jumps and pulls from side to side.  It is hysterical to watch; sometimes I just stop what I'm doing and stare.  I can't wait to meet her...can you imagine how fun she'll be?!  I feel like I already have a sense of what her personality will be like based on how playful she is now. 

How I'm feeling: exhausted, nauseous, and HUGE.  I feel utterly useless lately.  After 30 minutes of housework, I need to sit and rest.  Its completely deflating; there are things to be done and I don't have the energy to do them.  And I can't ask Casey to do it all, while I sit here and grow.  So our pace has inevitably slowed.  I've also been having loads of Braxton Hicks contractions.  I'd like to meet the fool that deemed false labor as painless, and slap him.  And in the midst of all these contractions, I had another growth spurt.  As a result, my ribs and lungs are feeling thoroughly encroached upon. 

Physical differences from last week: lookin huge these days!!!  Here is my weekly pic:

What's been on my mind:  getting everything done in time for the arrival of Miss Shelton.  I think we are in good shape, but I have this irrational fear of preterm labor, and I worry that she'll come early and we'll be totally unprepared.  Other than those adorable diapers, we have three onsies...not nearly enough of anything to bring a baby home to.  To demonstrate how NOT ready we are, a picture of our recently emptied and cleaned guest room and closet:

What I'm looking forward to:  our birthing class and the baby shower.  I'm hoping these classes will help us feel a little more prepared and give us some kind of expectation for L & D.  And of course I'm excited to spend time with all of my friends, and what little family I have out here, and celebrate our baby (and eat all of my mom's wonderful cooking!  Mmmmm)!

Random thoughts:  I passed my glucose test!  Yay! 

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