Sunday, November 25, 2012


((I know, I know, it's been awhile.  Mucho catching up to do.))

Just before Thanksgiving dinner, my mom asked each of us to share what we are thankful for.  (Since I was insanely hungry, I decided to condense my thanks to the first 5 items below.)  And, well, here it is...

1.  I am thankful for my babies.  The amount of happiness they bring to my life is immeasurable.  They are the greatest gift I have ever received, from itty bitty belly babe(s) to chubby, cuddly infant(s), to hilarious and brilliant toddler.  

2.  I am thankful for the health of my babies.  I thank God everyday that the only time our babies have seen the inside of a hospital was at birth.

3.  I am thankful for my husband.  He works so hard for our family.  He provides for us financially, he strives to better our home, and gets the kids ready for bed like it's his job.  He gets me out the door when I'm running late, pipes ruffle cakes with me, and lets me sleep in every Sunday.  He is the one person I could ever spend this much time with.  

4.  I am thankful for my mom.  There is nothing she won't do for her children; she is the definition of a "yes man".  I call her at least 3 times each day.  She is the rock of our family and has inspired me to be the best mother I can be.

5.  I am thankful for my dad, brother, and sister.  I have such an absurdly close and unique relationship with every member of my family.  (Does that make me a true Italian or an introvert?)  We are a team, a hilarious, hairy, food-loving team-- coloring Easter eggs, covering "Lucy Duty", and throwing the best garage sales Fountain Thrills has ever seen..


6.  I am thankful for our guardian angel.  (I know it's you, Nona.)  Even though you never got to formally meet Casey, Lucy, or Parker, you have always watched over our family.  You have saved us so many times-- when money is tight or when we're driving next to some lunatic on the highway.

7.  I am thankful for the new and improved relationship with my in-laws; the dynamic has changed drastically and for the better over the past year.  And, additionally, Lucy and Parker's cousins on the Shelton side; they are so close in age.  Lucy and Corbin are already best friends.

8.  I am thankful for the friends I have made in the last three years.  They have been so kind, supportive, and FUN!  I never had many friends growing up, and I certainly never had many friendships last this long.  Being able to ask advice, bitch about the laundry and everything else, or just grabbing dinner has literally saved my sanity.

Yep, that's a penis name tag on muh shirt.

9.  I am thankful for our (tiny, messy, forever work-in-progress) house.  It wasn't until recently that I really appreciated it.  It's not the biggest or the newest, but it is our space.  It is where we spend most of our time, where we make yummy cookies and cakes, where we laugh, play, and love.

10.  I am thankful for our jobs.  I still cannot believe that I am able to say that I have my dream job(s):  stay at home mom AND baker.  I can genuinely say that I love my jobs, even though both can be very demanding.  And Casey's job provides for almost 70% of our monthly expenses and health insurance.


Hope everyone had a fun and delicious Thanksgiving weekend!

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