Sunday, November 4, 2012

Rock-a-Bye Baby

I'm going to completely jinx myself and say that I think we're making progress in the sleep department.

We originally hoped to implement the Babywise (a.k.a. CIO) method from the get-go.  It worked fine for the first few weeks, but as my sleepy newborn became more and more alert, he decided he really didn't like going to sleep without any help.  So I temporarily gave up on Cry-It-Out, and resorted to my tried and true method of nursing down.  Thing is, Car Car will not fall asleep while nursing.  ::facepalm::  So I was forced to pursue other methods:  singing, rubbing his noggin, laying next to him and fake sleeping (haha), babywearing, the swing, the bouncer, and, rocking... ((it was a very frustrating several of days)) 

I finally found that Parker liked being rocked; unfortunately, I did not like rocking him.  For two reasons...  First off, I royally suck at transitioning from arms to crib.  So after all that rocking, I would almost always wake him accidentally.  Second, the boy weighs over 15 pounds.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to rock 15-some pounds for that period of time?  I do!  The pinched nerve in my neck does!  It scared me to think that this could go on for months.  Just think about how much he'll weigh in another month, let alone another 3 months!

One day, after rocking my (extremely heavy) boy for what felt like forever, his eyes were still wide open.  All I could think was, SERIOUSLY PARKER??  It seemed so ridiculous to spend 30 minutes trying to put him to sleep, especially when he naps 4 times a day.  So I gave up.  I put him in the crib wide awake and walked out of the room.  He cried for four minutes...and then he napped for almost 1.5 hours.

I've continued to let him CIO for the past week, and I have no intention of turning back now.  He is doing so well with it, he hardly cries at all.  His schedule has become so predictable, he is happier during his waketime, AND, his nighttime sleep is improving!  Last night he slept for 5 hours, then 3 hours, then 4 hours!  Yay for CIO!!!

We may not have been able to implement it from Day 1, but I am so happy to have started it now, rather than at 9 we did with Lucy.  

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