Monday, November 26, 2012

20 Months (photo dump)

You are getting pretty darn close to your second, close enough that I should start planning and maybe set a date.

This time last year I was sad to think you were no longer my baby, but a toddler...  Now I'm sad to think you're no longer a toddler, but a little girl.  Next thing I know we'll be signing you up for Girl Scouts and shopping for prom dresses.

At 20 months you are:

Parker's dutiful big sis.

Pitching in with the landscaping.

Wearing momma's chuuuus and Spongebob (knock-off) Crocs.

Still a messy eater.

A gorgeous Little Red Riding Hood and professional trick-or-treater.  (And toe sucker?)

Pumpkin-picker and painter extraordinaire.

Attending Story Time at the library every Thursday with momma, Parker, and Grandma Shelton.  You sing and dance along with the stories and songs, make little crafts, and play on the computer afterwards.

Pretty goofy in the shower.

In need of a legit toddler chair.  (Because, um, Parker wants his bouncer back.)  Ohhh, Santa??

A.K.A. "Olive Finger"


Freaking out at 6:24pm
All smiles at 6:25pm
OBSESSED with fastening buckles.

Always on your BlackBerry.

Making some hilarious expressions.

Thoroughly enjoying your new toy from Auntie Meg.

So dang toothy and smiley.

Chasing ducks.

Too darn tall!  You can reach on top of the counters; you're always stealing cookies, hair brushes and anything you can get your hands on.  You're kind of like a raccoon.

Cookie thief!
A daddy's girl through and through.

You are so funny, so beautiful, so sweet, so sassy, and so smart.  You learn something new everyday.  I am in awe of you, Lu.  We love you; I don't think you will know how much so until you have a child of your own.


  1. Hahaha The 6:24 & 6:25 pictures cracked me up! Zach is the SAME way some days.

  2. She is precious. Love the pictures with her on the computer and on the blackberry. She is such a BIG girl! That picture with her Casey is too cute as well! What a beautiful hunny!

  3. She is so beautiful!!! I love this.

  4. She is so beautiful!!! I love this.