Sunday, October 21, 2012

Baby's (and Toddler's) First Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Last fall we were content with a visit to the pumpkin bin at Home Depot.  There was no logic behind that decision, like, "Oh, Lucy is only a baby, she won't enjoy the pumpkin patch yet."  The idea just didn't really occur to us...because Fall is not the same in the desert.  We're still strutting around in shorts and tank tops, dipping our toes in the pool, and consuming a sickening amount of Icees.  (No?  Is that last one just me??)  Fall spirit is in no abundance.

In Connecticut, the leaves change colors; Lyman's Orchard churns out gallons upon gallons of apple cider and cinnamon donuts; we bundle up in warm clothes; the Durham Fair comes and goes, and the fair grounds are converted into a creepy haunted house; the farm at the edge of our neighborhood has a big pumpkin display that we'll drive by every time we go into town; and my cousin's farm debuts the "Haunted Corn Maze"...  The season simply consumes you.

But, I digress...regardless of location, my kiddos deserve to experience the season's festivities!  (Even if it means sweating profusely while doing so.) 

"How about this one, Ma?"
"Here, take it.  I don't want to carry this."
Naturally, Parker slept the entire time.

Other fun activities down at the farm...

Hay Maze
Reptile exhibit-- only in the desert, right?
Exploring the playhouses.
Open toe shoes, an epic mistake.
(Attempting to) feed the animals.

We concluded our day at the farm after everyone had worked up a good sweat, and blasted the air conditioning all the way home.  Once home, Lucy removed something like 200 stickers from her pumpkin, stuck them throughout the house, and then proceeded to drop said pumpkin on her foot.  Stem first.   

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful Arizona Pumpkin Patch day! When is sweater weather going to get here?!?!
    PS - I am wearing that EXACT same shirt as you right now. I love it. So comfy. Old Navy is my hero.