Saturday, February 12, 2011

Birth Class Part I

Well we went to our first birthing class on Wednesday, and it was phenomenal!  The class is called Birthing Basics & Breathing Techniques, and it is held at Scottsdale Healthcare on Shea.  The class is three weeks long; it meets once a week for THREE hours!  Its unfortunate that its on a Wednesday, because Casey and I are usually curled up in bed by the time the class is over.  I guess these are the sacrifices we make for our babe (lol).

The teacher is a labor and delivery nurse that works at the Shea location, and I LOVE her.  I wish there was a way to request her for my labor and delivery.  She is hilarious, to-the-point, and very informative.  I was dreading the class all day, because I’ve been reading and preparing for this kiddo for over eight months now; I didn’t want to have to go to class too.  After the first five minutes of class I found myself practically choking, that I was laughing so hard; and now I can’t wait for the next two weeks of class!   

We covered a lot of material in three hours.  I surprised myself with how few notes I took; I'm usually the freak scribbling furiously throughout any class, but I guess I didn't have to this time because I knew most of the information she shared...  We talked about warning signs of preterm labor, true labor vs. false labor, timing contractions, some hospital procedures, episiotomies, stages of labor and the labor process overall.
As a side note, the speaker showed us pictures of her grandchildren, and her granddaughter was a breech baby.  Apparently breech babies have misshapen, bowed legs immediately after delivery, because they've been sitting criss-cross applesauce for the past 10 months...but its nothing to worry about.  Their legs straighten out shortly after delivery and their crawling/walking is not affected.  It was alarming to see, and that was why she showed the class - so that we'd be prepared...

Also, I finished my birth plan, so I'll have a post on that coming up.  Woooooooo!  We are just knocking out this baby to-do list!  Happy Saturday peeps!  :-)

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  1. I took that same class and delivered at Scottsdale Shea and I also loved it! Everybody is super nice and do everything to make you as comfortable as possible. I hope you have as great as of experience there as I had!