Wednesday, April 10, 2013

An Easter Recap

What's that you say?  Easter was almost two weeks ago?  Oops!

Get it, get it!
Parker was all about the grass.
Easter socks.

(Probably the only blogger that didn't snap a picture of the kids' baskets...)

Both kiddos got bubbles, bath toys, socks, books, and two little (age-appropriate) toys.  The baskets were pretty light this year, since Lu's birthday was the week before and Parker is still too young to care.  We had a quiet morning at home, just the four of us - which I loved - and then the running around began; we had lunch with Casey's family and dinner with mine.  We had great weather and yummy food-- overall, it was a great day!     

We also colored eggs the day before...

And went to Eggstravaganza the weekend before...

3 out of 4 Sheltons looking...I'll take it!

There was a pancake breakfast, bounce houses, cookie decorating, pictures with the Easter Bunny and some random chicken, and, of course, an egg hunt.  We arrived early enough that we thought we had time to partake in the pancake breakfast, but it was mobbed.
Hahaha, fools!

We ended up having to run the length of the park, with pancakes in hand, to the field where the hunt was being held.  My mom was way too optimistic about our timing, and (very awkwardly) brought a handful of empty eggs for Lu to "practice" with before the hunt.


Needless to say, Lucy did not get a chance to practice her egg gathering skills.  She still did awesome, though!  Hopefully we'll make it there a little earlier next year...

If you squint, you can kind of see the eggs scattered on the field behind us.
Lu didn't quite grasp the urgency of egg collecting, like the older kids did.  (Hence my and my mom's fingers in this picture.)
Soooo proud of herself after the hunt!

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