Thursday, April 4, 2013

Stupid Eczema

(Warning:  There is a picture of Parker's Eczema at the end of this post.)

Soooo, probably almost a month ago, we noticed some red splotches along Parker's lower back.  We tried a few things to troubleshoot, but nothing helped.  (Added salt to the water softener, various diaper rash creams, naked time.)  The rash kept spreading, and suddenly it was all the way up his back, wrapping around his belly, on his shoulders and thighs.  The splotches were raised and dark red.  It was frightening-- especially after a warm bath.  Luckily, Parker didn't seem bothered by it at all.

Happy as can be, be, be!
A week went by, and we decided it was time to show the doctor.  Unfortunately, our pediatrician was unavailable, and we saw the Physician's Assistant.  She was clueless.  She said, "Let's watch it for a week and see what happens."  In the meantime, she said to apply cortisone.  I was pissed.  (Every single time we've had a "problem visit" with the PA, she has never given a firm diagnosis or prescribed anything.  Total waste of a co-pay.)

The next week we had well-child visits, and within seconds of showing Dr. P, she said, "Oh, that's Eczema."  (She also said not to use large amounts of cortisone for extended periods of time, because it can have harmful long-term effects.)  Hmmph.  Dr. P went over recommended treatments and causes for outbreaks.  She suggested we re-introduce solids to Parker with an extended wait time between foods, as food allergies can cause outbreaks.

Here's what we've been doing:

  • Bathing every 3 days (we were bathing every night previously) with Aveeno Baby Unscented Soothing Wash.
  • Buttering him up nightly with Aveeno Baby Unscented Moisturizer.
  • Keeping him cool-- which is pretty much impossible when he's in the car seat.
  • Re-introducing solid foods one week at a time and keeping a log of his reactions to each food.   

I think we're currently on Day 4 of clear skin.  It's always very upsetting when I find those big, scary splotches on his chunky thighs.

Turns out Eczema is pretty common; I have several friends with children that also have it.  Everyone that I tell has been amazed to hear that the PA didn't know it was Eczema.

Also, turns out that Eczema runs in Casey's family. This whole time I thought Parker was my little Italian, but between the Eczema and green eyes, he's proving to be more Shelton than Russo.


  1. Hey, you know what I didnt think to tell you when I saw you on easter?? Make sure you wash your hands as soon as you apply his topical cream if you use any 'sones' (Cortisone etc). Not only is the medication bad for him in high doses, it can do the same to who ever is applying it on a regular basis. And if you happen to touch you or his mucus membranes(eyes nose mouth) after applying...instant absorption. OY!

  2. I have eczema, and so does Connor. We've both been using this Curel lotion and it has helped a ton.
    We also only wash Connor's face (he gets it bad on his cheeks) with Cetaphil gentle wash. CJ's also helps if you keep it on the bad spots!