Friday, April 5, 2013

13 - 24 Months

When Lucy turned 1, I lined up all of her monthly pictures from birth to 12 months.  It was breathtaking to see her grow from scrunchy, helpless newborn to bright, giggling baby girl.  Somehow, I'm even more blown away this year. 

In Lucy's second year of life, she grew from barely walking baby girl to running, hopping, never stops talking little girl. 

She can sing a handful of different nursery rhymes, she can count to 10, (I think) she recognizes the color green.  (Jenn - what is it about that color??) 

She has a sense of humor; she always wants to make others laugh - by tickling, blowing raspberries, or playing peek-a-boo. 

She's a wrestler-- girl can hand out an ass whooping. 

She's polite too: please, thank you, sorry, good morning/night, I love you's.  And I don't have to prompt her to say any of it (most of the time). 

She picks out her clothes and shoes, and puts them on (backwards). 

She has a lot of fun and more belly laughs than anyone I know; she has scraped knees and dirt under her fingernails; she is obsessed with bubbles and anything water-related. 

She is an excellent mommy to her baby doll. 

She loves to help: emptying the dishwasher, pushing Brother in the umbrella stroller, picking up toys before nap and bedtime, soothing Brother. 

And speaking of Brother, Lucy is one concerned big sister; she tackles him every morning and after every nap, she brings him toys (and occasionally steals them), rocks the car seat while I'm packing the diaper bag, and shares her popcorn with him (oops).

She is just so sassy.  And smart.  And gorgeous.  And she has a huge heart.  When I really stop and think about it, it's sort of crazy how much I love her.  I am blessed to be her momma.

13 Months
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15 Months
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24 Months (photo by LaTricia Soucy)

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