Friday, March 15, 2013

Trip to the Phoenix Zoo

We went to the zoo with my mother and grandmother-in-law on Tuesday.  It was Lucy and Parker's first time, and they loved it!  We were there almost 4 hours, and still only saw about half of the animals-- must go back!!  Lu insisted on walking the whole way, and was adamant about holding great grandma's hand.  She really enjoyed watching the animals and other kids.  Parker too!  In fact, Parker loved it so much that he stayed awake all four hours...  (Dude flipped OUT when he eventually realized how tired he was.)  We're looking forward to many more trips to the zoo as the kids get older.

Here's a few pictures from my phone, since I forgot our camera.   

Mommy got a break!  Phew!
Lucy's favorite!  We actually went inside the monkey cage and got real up close and personal.
Big ass lizard.  Ew.

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