Monday, March 25, 2013

Lucy's Brave Birthday Party

We celebrated our favorite girl yesterday!  We had beautiful weather and a house full of family and friends.  There was yummy food and happy kiddos playing.  We finished the party with a whispered version of "Happy Birthday", because Parker was napping.  (It's a small house, remember?)

Once again, forgot to take pictures until about halfway through the party....but here's what I got!

Menu: BBQ Shredded Pork Sliders, Mac & Cheese Bites, Potato Salad & Chips, Ambrosia, Fruits & Veggies

Banana and Strawberry Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting from Jules' Gems

(Confession:  I ate all of the leftover fondant arrows.)
Grammy and Grampy bought Lulu a swing-set for her birthday.  We put it to good use yesterday!

Lu and Ryan at the water table
Parker, the ladies man
Singing "Happy Birthday"
Eating cuppies with Eliana.
Opening Auntie Fallon, Uncle Cole and Julie's present
The girls hugging "byyyyyyyyyye"
Party favors: sunglasses, bubbles and lollipops!  (Can't even believe I didn't make custom cookies for my own daughter...oy)

So sleepy after all the fun!
Lucy had so much fun with all of her friends yesterday, and she's having a blast with all of her new toys!  A BIG thank you to everyone that was apart of Lucy's special day.

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