Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Parker gets baptised.

Baptism, like so many other things, is easier the second time around.  I just sort of called Pastor Steve and said, "Hey, remember us?  We had another baby."  (Of course, there was a slight awkwardness because we hadn't stepped foot in church since Lucy's baptism-- and the Pastor pointed that out.)

And so, on Sunday, February 3, (a.k.a. Super Bowl Sunday) Parker was baptised.  We kept it small, just family and our closest friends (our tiny house can't handle much more than that).  It was the first time our house had really been cleaned and presentable in months; and, added bonus, Casey even finished our outdoor playroom (will share in another post, promise).  My mom and I cooked up some yummy brunch items, and there wasn't a crumb leftover.  It was a beautiful ceremony and party, despite missed naps and nursing sessions.

Parker's godparents, Meg and Mike, are two of our closest friends that we love mucho.  I think of Meg as my big sister, and she thinks of Parker as her own-- so, asking them seemed like no-brainer.  We were beyond thrilled when they accepted.

Here are some pictures from the day...  (Please note:  Parker is wearing Uncle Cole's baptism suit that is about two sizes too small.  He rocked it.)

Bored out of her mind.

Hamming it up for the congregation.
We did it!

Group photo fail.
(Everyone was exhausted and hungry, and Parker was so dang slippery in that silk outfit.)



  1. Dude I'm so sad we missed it :(

    On another note - I have that dress!

    1. And we missed you! Which dress? The one I'm wearing?? We have so many of the same clothes. Hah