Tuesday, February 26, 2013

23 Months

One more month (less than, actually!), Lu, and you'll be 2!  You are becoming a little girl.  A stunningly beautiful, brilliant little girl.  I cannot believe that you were once your brother's age (and I cannot believe that Parker will one day be your age).  It's amazing what another year and some hair can do to a girl!

You are the very definition of adorable.  You say the funniest (sometimes strangest) things.  We have so much fun with you.  You're also quite the tantrum-thrower.  You can be pretty moody sometimes; but we ignore that behavior completely-- even in public.  (It was a little embarrassing the first time you flung yourself on the floor of Target, and it felt like everyone was staring.  Doesn't phase me anymore, though!)

You are a loving, sweet big sister and momma's little helper.  If I can't get to Parker right away, I can ask you to bring him a toy or give him kisses.  You happily oblige and say, "Matter, CarCar?" (What's the matter, CarCar?)  You even inform me when he poops or wakes up from his nap.  Every morning you shout, "BABY!" and run to where he is laying and dive on him.  You and momma alternate blowing raspberries on his belly and tickling his um-pins.  And you always, always, always say, "Night night CarCar. Ove you CarCar" before naps and bedtime. 

Favorite phrases we heard this month:
Mom! (rather than whining to let me know you're ready to get out of your crib)
Baby kying/awake
Baby poop/fart
Where'd he/she/momma/daddy go?
Watch Ax (Lorax)
Carry me
Daddy shower with me
Nees (necklace) fall down drain. (after dropping your Baltic Amber down the shower drain) 
Dance CarCar, daaaance. Dance, dance, dance!
Booger... (after picking your nose, and attempting to hand your findings to Daddy)
Duck poop!  Ew.  (said while inspecting your shoes after visiting the park).

Favorite pictures...

Rinsing the soap off of Parker.

Sharing your milk with Daddy.

Omg, this kills my knees, but it always cracks you up.

Comparing Baltic Amber with Eliana (or as you refer to her, "Ana")


  1. She looks so much like you in the first photo, what a cutie!

  2. She looks so much like you in the first photo.