Tuesday, January 22, 2013

22 Months (photo dump)

It's that time again...


I can't put it off anymore.  (Will save the sappy stuff for later, but, overall, I'm still in denial about this whole "turning 2" thing.)

You gave us another great month, Lu.  You are so.dang.funny.  It's unreal how much you make us laugh.  This month you started doing the butt drop on the couch (and me); you're still totally obsessed with Orphan Annie and cookies; you finally started saying "ove ew" (love you); and you've developed a strange, but affectionate interest in Grampy's dog Ollie.  You yell "Owy" every time we pull into their driveway.  You also showed us what a real tantrum looks like for the first time.  In Target.  That was a treat.  (Still love you, though!  MUCHO.)

Here is the past month in pictures, honey bun...

You take your pajamas off EVERY morning.

Dancing along with "Hard Knock Life" on Annie

The smile we get when we say, "Show us your teeth!"

Seriously, these pants.

Supervising Parker's bath.

Blowing raspberries

The Annie drawing you were obsessed with for days.

Testing momma's cookie pops.  You approved.

Visiting the playground often

Piggy tails!

Casually putting socks on your hands

Pants optional.  Sparkly shoes required.

Butt bongos!

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