Thursday, June 14, 2012

Preterm Labor and OB Triage Round II

When did I become one of those patients?  The kind that goes to OB Triage twice in one month???

Despite the smirk on my face, I was extremely worried about Park and annoyed with myself. 
(Casey, however, kept making me laugh.)

I thought I was going to bake oatmeal cookies last night.

Lucy was in a happy mood when we picked her up from daycare, I made an easy, tasty crock pot dinner, and I had all of my ingredients ready to start baking after Lucy went down.  It should've been a perfect evening.  But all day long I felt a little "off".  I was light-headed, kinda queasy, and contracting sporadically.  I finally started to feel really uncomfortable around 6:00.  Casey insisted I lay down after dinner, and I started timing the contractions at 7:30.  They were 4-5 minutes apart and 40-50 seconds long. 

Never having experienced true labor (preterm or term), I wasn't sure what a contraction felt like.  I actually had to have Casey feel my belly during contractions and rests to confirm there was a noticeable difference.  My belly would get rock hard, and at the peak of each contraction I would feel intense cramping.  It felt like my insides were being squeezed, and it was even difficult to move.

I spoke with the on-call doctor at 8:15, after having 9 timed contractions, and she said to go to the hospital immediately.  Casey cleaned up our dinner dishes, packed a small overnight bag - just in case, and then we brought Lucy to my parent's house.  I continued timing the contractions on the way there, and they were coming 2-3 minutes apart and still lasting 40-50 seconds.  We got to the hospital around 9:00 and were immediately taken back to OB Triage, as the doctor had called ahead.

The nurse put me on the monitor and began recording contractions; she took two samples to check for rupture of membranes and preterm labor, and then checked my cervix for dilation.  ROM was negative, PTL was positive, and my cervix was closed - mostly good news.  (Even though the PTL came back positive, it's not the most reliable test; positive results indicate a heightened risk, but not a guarantee, of delivery within the next two weeks.)  I was given a shot of Terbutaline (a.k.a. Terb) to stop contractions and it took effect almost immediately; Casey and I watched the monitor as my off-the-chart contractions decreased in frequency and intensity.  I stayed on the monitor until 11:30 and was discharged with orders for pelvic rest.  Tomorrow morning I'll see my doctor for a follow up visit, and I am very anxious to hear her thoughts.

Keep cookin', Park.  I mean this in the nicest way're just not chubby enough for the outside world yet.  I love you. 


  1. OMG- that baby better cook longer! Hope this is the last episode of these before he is born.

  2. Baby Parker you better stay put for a lot longer! Sorry you are going through all this Taylor!