Sunday, June 3, 2012

28 Weeks

How far along?  28w1d

How big is baby?  Eggplant!  According to the growth ultrasound on Tuesday, Parker is measuring 1 week ahead and weighs 2 pounds, 9 ounces.  He's fattening up and his lungs are now capable of surviving outside the womb.

Physical differences from last week?  I weighed 126.4 pounds at my prenatal appointment on Thursday; which means no gain from last week, and an overall gain of 16.8 pounds.  Oddly enough, my belly measured 1 week behind, but Dr. O wasn't concerned; fundal height can vary depending on the baby's presentation.  I'm still wearing regular pants and shorts with the belly band, and maternity tops, skirts, and dresses.  Belly button is flat and no new stretch marks.  My boobs feel very full all of a sudden - helllllllo colostrum!

"Umm Momma, why is your belly out??"
How I'm feeling?  LOTS of leg cramps; sleep sucks - having a hard time falling and staying asleep; wicked lower back pain and BH contractions in the evenings.  My round ligaments were KILLING ME on Friday.  I craved pancakes and spaghetti, and had both!  Mmmm.     

What's been on my mind?  So much to do.  So little energy.  Casey picked up our second freezer during the week, so now I really have to get moving on all that freezer cooking.

What I'm looking forward to?  Baby shower next weekend!   

Best moment this week?  Without a doubt, the growth ultrasound!  Parker is HEAD DOWN.  Baby Boy, you stay put!  He also has Lucy's chubby cheeks...and hair!  He'll be the first baby born with hair between our two families!  The tech was very happy with his heart and measurements; we even saw his stomach contracting and practicing his swallowing and breathing.  The only concern was how "unusually low" he is...apparently he may actually be engaging my cervix already...  She couldn't see any cervix from above, and had to do an internal to check.  Dr. O wasn't concerned, just said to be aware of contractions closer than 10 minutes apart.

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