Monday, June 11, 2012

29 Weeks

How far along?  29w2d

How big is baby?  Acorn squash!  15.2-16.7 inches and 2.5-3.8 pounds; he's plumping up nicely and starting to get a little cramped.  Which I can attest to...ouch!

Physical differences from last week?  I weighed 129 pounds on Saturday morning; which is a 2.6 pound gain from last week, and an overall gain of 19.4 pounds.  Still wearing regular pants and shorts with the belly band, maternity tops and dresses; and I recently added a maternity support belt to my wardrobe, courtesy of my friend Dianna - it's been verrrry helpful!  Belly button is usually poking out by the end of the day and no new stretch marks.

How I'm feeling?  Swollen, itchy, and irritable mostly.  Oh yeah, and not sleeping.  (Which may or may not contribute to my irritability.)  My belly feels heavy and my pace is starting to slow; whenever I hold Lucy I get these sharp, shooting pains all over my belly and Parker gets pissed.  This week I craved orange juice, Pop Tarts and Fritos - soooo random.  I swear I'm still trying to be mindful of carbs, but I'm more focused on portion control. 

What's been on my mind?  Still feeling overwhelmed and starting to freak out about having a single digit countdown to Baby Boy's arrival.  I'm nesting in a rather unique attention has shifted from painting the master bedroom (which I still want to do!) to launching my home bakery's website.

What I'm looking forward to?  Having energy again.  Laying on my stomach.  Playing with Lucy like I used to be able to - not while seated on the couch or laying down.  MATERNITY LEAVE.

Best moment this week?  Oh, oh!  My baby shower!!!  (Pictures and deets to come, I promise!)

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