Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bottle Thrower turned Sippy Thrower

"I've never seen a baby throw their bottle as much as she does." 

You've got quite the arm on you, missy.  It must have been around 11 months, when you switched to formula, that we really noticed how frequently and powerfully you pitched your bottles.   

You managed to crack every bottle ring we owned in a matter of weeks.  And cracked bottle rings mean one thing, and one thing only:  LEAKAGE.  I can't tell you how many puddles of formula and milk I've wiped up in the last 3 months.  (Grammy is still upset about all the spots on her carpet.) 

And then there was that time you tossed your bottle overboard in Mommy's new Jeep, and I didn't find it until we got home; naturally, by that time, all 8 ounces of whole milk had drained into the seats. 

Of course, as my belly grows and grows, my patience shrinks and shrinks.  Many a time this big ol' pregnant lady has been wedged in the glider, between you and the boppy, straining to pick up your bottle/sippy with my feet.  (And many a time I've had to eventually get up because I just couldn't reach the damn thing.

I have to give you some credit, though, because in the last couple weeks we've begun to work on handing the sippy to Mommy (or whomever) when you're all done with it, and you seem to be catching on.  My new beef is with your "spill-proof" sippy cups.  They were spill-proof for all of 5 minutes...until you chewed through the spout.

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