Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Babymoon Dreams

We didn't take a babymoon with Lucy, and we won't with Babe either - at least not after seeing the daycare quote for two.  We're 21 years old.  The biggest financial obligation for most peeps our age is a car payment.  We don't have the means, and we don't really have the time to spare as we get closer and closer to third trimester.  That being said, I'm not sad or surprised.  I'm sure we'll still have that extravagant, kid-free vacation one day.  (Am still holding out hope for a Lucy-free weekend somewhere before Babe is born, be it in Casa de Shelton or a tent.)  In the meantime, let's all drool over my virtual babymoon at L'AUBERGE de SEDONA

Creekside massage??!  *swoon*


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  1. Totally none of my business but are things going better for you and your husband? I hope so! Or atleast that you are doing well on your own.