Friday, April 27, 2012

Cesarean Awareness Month

April is apparently Cesarean Awareness am I just now hearing about this?? 

Cesarean Sections account for approximately 30 percent of all deliveries in the United States, and Breech Presentation accounts for approximately 3 percent of all pregnancies. (source and source)  I can assure you that having a Cesarean was not my first choice, in fact it wasn't a choice at all.  It had to be done.  But I suddenly feel a renewed sense of pride in Lucy's birth, especially after reading this blog and seeing this picture.....

Before Lucy was born I was utterly opposed to Cesarean delivery.  I wanted to experience labor, contractions and breathing techniques, my partner massaging my back, soaking in the birth tub, the anticipation.  And I wanted to push!  I wanted to work harder than ever before, do the one function my body was made to do, and feel the relief and excitement from delivering my baby and seeing her for the first time.  It was my inherent right as a woman.   

But in the last weeks of my pregnancy, when my Goosey Girl was still in breech presentation, it became clear that a Cesarean was the most practical, and safest option for myself and Lucy. 

As I laid on the operating table and listened to Dr. O tell us the External Cephalic Version failed (again), and that it was time to prepare for the section, I didn't care that I was about to be sliced open and I didn't care that I missed out on a vaginal delivery.  All I cared about, all that I've cared about for the last 13 months, was Lucy.  I was going to meet Lucy!  I was going to be a mother!!!   

I haven't thought about it since.  I have no regrets, complaints or concerns.  It had to be done and it's behind us.  My precious gift is here, she's healthy, and I've got this sweet scar to remind me of that everyday.  I'm proud of my Cesarean.  I'm proud of myself for trying to turn her, I'm proud of myself for accepting what I couldn't change, and I'm proud of myself for surviving that excrutiating recovery.

Are you a Cesarean momma? 
How are you celebrating Cesarean Awareness Month?


  1. I think sometimes people don't realize the effects of a C-section. They're just like "oh you needed a c-section, celeberties love those, did you get a tummy tuck too?" May be I'm exagerating a wee bit, but seriously, most people don't get it.

    Just wondering if you are elegible/interested in trying a VBAC? I understand if it is a sensitive topic :)

    1. I am eligible AND interested in a VBAC. Assuming this kiddo isn't breech too, he will most certainly be delivered vaginally.

      It's true, elective Cesareans are becoming more and more popular, and not just with celebrities; it's very common in other countries. I cannot support those women...I do not consider being afraid or lazy a valid reason for sections.

  2. Thanks for posting this! And a great link you provided too!