Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Turn Baby, Turn!

My baby is breech.  She has been breech since our great big anatomy scan ultrasound (possibly even before this).  This is what breech presentation looks like:

Our little angel likes to hang in the Complete Breech position.  Meaning, not only can you NOT determine her gender, but you also can't have a vaginal birth (without some serious intervention and risks).

I didn't realize the severity of the situation until I was thirty-some weeks pregnant (just a little late in the game).  Had I known that this would mean the demise of my vaginal birth, I would've started trying to turn this child MUCH sooner.  I guess maybe its common knowledge that babies don't come out buttocks/feet first, but when I was first told that she was breech, that didn't really register for me.

For the past (almost) two months, I've tried various techniques to turn Lucy:  chiropractor visits, hours on the birth ball, loads of Cat movements, feet up/feet down while sitting, night after night on the inversion table (pictured below), and now, for the grand finale, I will have an External Cephalic Version.

A friend of mine told me about a chiropractic procedure, The Webster, that supposedly has a 100 percent success ratio in turning breech babies.  The chiropractor applies pressure to two pressure points on the front and back of whichever hip is causing the breech position; it usually requires three treatments...  I had FIVE.  

My wonderful in-laws let us borrow their inversion table for these last few weeks of the pregnancy.  So every day after work, I hang like a bat for as long as I can take, and repeat once before bedtime.  This method is supposed to encourage the baby to tuck her chin and make turning easier. 

Lastly, I'll be having an External Cephalic Version on Thursday.  Rather than trying to explain what it is, I'm posting a short video of what the procedure entails:  click here.  Gulp...

Seriously, the video is two mintues long...WATCH IT.

Thoughts and prayers that this works would be much appreciated!!!

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