Monday, March 7, 2011

37 weeks - Full term!

Baby is now the size of a:  watermelon!  ::insert jaw drop::  She weighs approximately 6 1/3 pounds and measures anywhere from 20-21 inches in length.  She will remain at this length for the next three weeks, but she will continue to plump up.  Currently, her body fat is about eight percent; by birth, it'll be about fifteen percent.  At this point, she can do all the things a newborn can, with the exception of breathing air and pooping in a diaper.  Baby Lucy is now considered "full term"; meaning, if I were to go into labor now, her lungs would be mature enough to fully adjust to life outside the womb. Baby girl, you are absolutely welcome to join us any day now!!!

How I'm feeling:  exhausted, big, and swollen.  It does not take much to zap my energy level these days.  I fully intended to complete all cooking and freezing this weekend, and after just a few errands, I was completely and utterly drained for the day.  Before last week, I really hadn't experienced bad swelling...then the wonderful AZ sun decided to crank up the heat.  I've officially removed my wedding rings and toe ring, and I miss them terribly!  I cannot imagine being pregnant in the Arizona summer.  I'm also stressed about Miss Lucy's breech presentation, as her turning days are numbered...   I pray every night that Lucy turns, and every morning I'm greeted by the sight of her big ol' noggin right in front of my rib.  Fun fact:  breech presentations account for 3 percent of all pregnancies.  

Physical differences from last week:  I've hit the 32 pound mark...AND I'm two centimeters dilated!!!

What's been on my mind:  the phrase, "Your baby could be born at any time."  My contractions remind me of that almost daily.  I think we are pretty well prepared for her arrival.  I did all of her laundry on Sunday, we bought all the little things we still needed, and the nursery is almost complete.  I've decided to take three-day weekends until D-Day (hopefully that will only last one or two more weeks) to rest and finish up my remaining to-dos. 

What I'm looking forward to: Lucy flipping (either of her own free will or via an External Cephalic Version)!  Casey and the doc said I have to stop trying to bring on labor until she turns...

Random thoughts:  I'm now at the point in my pregnancy where I see the doc once a week.  When I saw her on Friday, and she told me how dilated I was, I almost screamed!  Unfortunately, this excellent news is sort of canceled out by Lucy's being breech.  If I were to go into labor today, before having the version procedure, I would be forced to have a c-section.  The game plan is to check her presentation at my appointment on Friday, and if she's still breech, we schedule the version.  Baby turning prayers would be appreciated, friends!


  1. Turn baby, turn!

    You're looking beautiful, my dear. I love that shirt. Super cute!

  2. Come on baby Lucy turn! You can do it.
    You look great Tay and I agree with Meg that is one cute top! =)