Sunday, April 29, 2012

23 Weeks

How far along? 23w1d

How big is baby?  Pomegranate!  Still measuring between 10.5-11.8 inches and 12.7-20.8 ounces; he's forming little nipples (good for you, buddy!) and his face is fully formed. 

Physical differences from last week?  I weighed 123 pounds this morning, which means no gain from last week.  Blam-o!  And an overall gain of 13.4 pounds.  Belly button is flat and no new stretch marks to report.  Still wearing regular pants and shorts with the belly band, maternity shirts and dresses.  My floor-length maxi dress, that I wore here, is suddenly an ankle-length dress.  Thank you, Belly.

How I'm feeling?  I was uber nauseous two nights this week, which made it impossible to accomplish anything around the house.  Sleeping well, still have Sciatica, still have heartburn, yadda yadda yadda.  Haven't been as strict with my diet or exercise the past 2-3 weeks, and I'm starting to feel it.  Pretty sure the baby isn't growing in my ass or thighs, but they're growing nonetheless.  And, while we're on the subject, I've been craving a brownie sundae - specifically the one I ate every night during our Hawaiian cruise.

Busted out the big guns, courtesy of Costco...
What's been on my mind?  Babymoon.  I need one.  (Like yesterday.)  Hoping to sneak away in a few weeks.  Nothing too crazy, maybe just to here or here.    

What I'm looking forward to?  Cinco de Mayo and Maternity Leave.  I'm looking forward to Cinco de Mayo for two reasons:  1) Who doesn't love a Mexican feast?  2) We're painting the nursery!!!!!!

Best moment this week?  Babe following my hand with some pretty powerful kicks!

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