Thursday, September 27, 2012

Busy Baking

I'm a busy person.  I am never content to sit still and enjoy the moment.  Here's what I mean by that...most moms use their maternity leave to rest, adjust to motherhood, and snuggle their new baby; but not me.  I am not like most moms.  My maternity leave is being used to start my own business.  My own bakery.  

Something Sweet by Tay is a family-owned and operated bakery primarily serving the Phoenix metropolitan area.  We offer all sorts of yummy things:  cookies, cupcakes, younameit.  If you're craving it, we can bake it.  Our specialty is Royal Icing Sugar Cookies.  They are unique, delicious, and completely customizable.  Served on a platter or as favors, these cookies are the perfect ending to any event. 

I hope you'll wish me luck on this adventure (and/or keep me in mind for all future baking needs).  As a thank you for your support I'm offering my readers a 15 percent discount through October 31, just mention Growing Baby Shelton when placing your order.  And be sure to "like" our Facebook page for future monthly specials and giveaways!

(If you're located outside of Arizona, don't feel bad!  Our Royal Icing Sugar Cookies can be shipped!!!) 

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