Sunday, September 30, 2012

18 Months

Wow, you're (more than) half-way to your second birthday...  You know, I cannot remember life before you were born.  It's like you've always been here; yet, it really doesn't seem like that long ago that we were heading to the hospital to have you.  You (and your brother) are my world.  You are the single most loving, innocent, happy, frustrating, silly person I have ever known.

At 18 months you are:

A typical big sister.  You give tons of kisses and hugs, pokes and occasionally love taps.  You get pissed when you're not the center of attention for more than 0.5 seconds.  You love to share your things with Parker, but HATE when Daddy or I try to share your things with Parker.  You try to pick him up and soothe him (cutest sight I've ever seen).

Park says, "Lu, get out of my grill."

Repeating everything you hear.  You suddenly enunciate your words.  Example:  thank you used to be "di-di", but now it's "tank ew".  As a result, you seldom use sign language anymore...unless you're around unfamiliar people.

Climbing.  Climbing, climbing, CLIMBING!  I wish you would stop.  You have absolutely no fear.  You've fallen off our bed more times than I care to admit.  We've tried to stop you, but you don't listen for beans.  I guess you'll figure it out on your own eventually.

Using the baby gear as much or more than your brother.

Testing our limits every chance you get.

Really making us regret the positioning of that light switch.

Coloring on the walls.

Enjoying Golden Eagle Park, since the weather is a smidge cooler and Daddy joined the softball team.

Eating better than you have in a long time, but still eating very little.  You're more of an all-day grazer.  Oh!  And we introduced you to fruit snacks...kind of a big mistake...

Drinking significantly less milk.  I usually only give it to you first thing in the morning, naptime, and bedtime.  I would guestimate between 15-20 ounces per day.  

No longer potty training.  We bought a little potty, and gave up shortly after.

Funny.  You lay on the floor outside the bathroom door and say "Hi" over and over again.

Relatively well behaved.  We had a couple play dates this last month, and you only bit once.  Improvement!  

Taking one nap each day.  I put you down at noon, and you wake anytime between 1:30-3:00.  (I thoroughly enjoy the 3:00 days...)

Going to bed at 8:00 and waking at 7:30.

Able to wear a pony tail and pig tails.  Finally!!!

All teeth.  You have 14 teeth.  This month you cut two top molars and canines.

28 pounds and 33 inches, 90th percentile for both.

Wearing 18-24 month clothing, and sporting some sweet new kicks.

Healthy!  Just a yeast rash on your bum.

We love you, beautiful.  We can't wait for the holidays this year!  So many fun things that you'll get to enjoy this year!!!  The pumpkin patch, state fair, Thanksgiving Day Parade, meeting Santa, Christmas Lights, baking (or taste-testing), Christmas morning!


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