Monday, December 13, 2010

25 weeks

Countdown to third trimester:  1 week!  Where has the time gone?  It blows my mind that we're almost 2/3 of the way through this pregnancy; it feels like just yesterday I took the pregnancy test.  I really liked second trimester; sure it would've been nice to have the bump a little sooner, but it was nice to feel like I had time.  Now I feel like we have to do 9 months of prep work in 3 months...

Baby is now the size of an:  eggplant!  She is approximately 13.5 inches long and weighs about 1.5 pounds.  Nostrils are officially unplugged, and very soon those little eyelids will pry themselves open for the first time.  Her sense of equilibrium has set in, and she is now able to determine right side up from upside down; maybe this is why she prefers to hang in breech position.  Hehehe.  Our active little baby can now make fists and grab her little feets.  And we've finally got some baby fat!  I fully expect this little baby to be quite the chunker; just look at her parents as babies:



How I'm feeling:  bulbous, verrrrrry bulbous; but I still feel pretty good overall.  Shaving my legs is officially challenging.  I experienced heartburn for the first time in my life earlier this week.  That was less than pleasant; fortunately, my darling husband brought me some Tums and milk and that seemed to help.  Apparently heartburn is a very common symptom, and its due to slower digestion.  I'm also having some cramps on the top of my belly and the bottom of my belly.  I'd like to blame growing pains, as I've  been growing rather rapidly the past two weeks; I'm hoping this isn't the start of Braxton Hicks contractions.  Oh ya, and I'm a big klutz; lots of Blonde Moments at work and lots of things have been dropped lately.  (I'm a natural blonde, so I'm allowed to make that comment)  ;-)

Physical differences from last week:  I think my boobs grew again....ugh!  Here is your weekly pic:

What's been on my mind:  registering, cloth diaper brands, snuggling with my little baby, blah blah blah.  Oh I know, during the week I was completely fixated on how our tiny house will not be nearly large enough to hold all of our babies Christmas presents next year.  Let alone presents for more than one baby in the years to come.  I guess we'll just have to move!  Hehehe

What I'm looking forward to:  Wednesday!  I have my last final at 6:30, and after that....I'm a free (wo)man!  I won't have to worry about any scholastic nonsense until next fall.  I will finally have my life back, I will finally have free time, I will finally be able to prepare for this baby! 

Random thoughts:  during the week I was sitting on the couch, and ze bebe was kicking away, so I lifted my shirt up and I just stared at my belly for ten minutes or so; my belly was jumping with every kick.  It was so funny to watch.  Then another time, Daisy was on my lap, and the baby kicked her right in the butt.  Daisy turned and looked at me with a puzzled look.  I think we have a future soccer player and/or kick boxer on our hands.

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